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Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd., is a Bermuda based group, that acquires and manages non-life insurance and reinsurance companies and portfolios in run-off.

Catalina offers owners of legacy liabilities finality through outright acquisition, co-venturing, profit sharing or partnership structures.

For more information on our parent company, please follow the Catalina Holdings link above.


Catalina U.S. Insurance Services LLC (“CUSIS”), is a limited liability company domiciled in Delaware that administers the operations of:

 · Alea North America Insurance Company;
 · National Home Insurance Company (A Risk Retention Group);
 · National American Insurance Company of California;
 · ProBuilders Specialty Insurance Company, RRG;
 · SPARTA Insurance Company; and
 · Other companies where CUSIS has entered into a service agreement to manage claim activity for an insurance company or an insurance product that has been discontinued and CUSIS is responsible within such service agreement for the collection, maintenance, and security of your personal information.  

In keeping with the Catalina business model, all of our companies are currently in various stages of run-off and no longer offer insurance products. 

If you have any questions regarding CUSIS or any of the companies CUSIS administers, you may reach us through the various methods listed under Contact Us.
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